The ex-squat house





There are two parts of Fogasház right next to each other: the original club and the garden (or “kert”).

Fogasház Kert has an amazing courtyard with lots of trees and greenery. The reason the place looks like it's about to collapse is because, until 2012, it was a squat house! The structure is supported with wood so the walls don't come crumbling down. The caretaker of this building used to be a metal smith who would create all kinds of crazy metalwork from old bike parts and such. As for the weird toothy smiles dangling from the ceiling, that’s because fogász means dentist, and this used to be a dental workshop.

The indoor Fogasház club hosts DJ nights and big parties in its tall rooms. Even though there’s a lot of space, it can get pretty crowded and intense. But there are some small corners in the back if you want to have an intimate chat. They also have a ping-pong table in the back and a spacious dance floor.

Address: 1073 Budapest, Akácfa utca 51.
Opening hours: Every day 16:00 - 04:00
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Drink Offer at Fogasház

Cuba Libre, Vodka + Soda,
Gin + Tonic, Ballantines + Coke,
Chupito, Nagyfroccs (Spritzer),
Arany Ászok beer